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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to the medical marijuana business in the State of Florida. We are a law firm with Florida medical marijuana lawyers and medical marijuana business lawyers that handle the business and legal issues faced in the medical marijuana business in the State of Florida. Whether you are a potential investor or have an existing marijuana business, our medical marijuana business lawyers and cannabis attorneys are here to assist you. Our law firm and its medical marijuana lawyers are versed in the new law surrounding medical marijuana. Coupled with our knowledge and experience with setting up companies such as corporations and limited liability companies and all business transactions that follow, Katz & Associates Law Firm is the right choice for your business needs.

When choosing a lawyer to handle your business affairs one should choose a business lawyer, so why wouldn't you choose a experienced team of Florida business lawyers to assist you in the marijuana business. Katz & Associates Law Firm handles business law, which includes setting up companies, filing for trademark protection, real estate law, contract law, compliance with Florida Law, business consulting, and all other legal areas required for starting and running a successful Florida marijuana company / Florida cannabis company. Hire a medical marijuana business lawyer to assist you with your business goals and needs. Katz & Associates Law Firm has medical marijuana lawyers well versed in business law and medical marijuana law ready to assist you with all your business needs.

It is important to note that the current law surrounding medical marijuana is very new and hard for most to understand how it will be applied. At this point, there are several restrictions on the use of medical marijuana as well as who will be allowed to participate in such medical marijuana business. For more information, please read our blog about the new law affecting the medical marijuana business. The medical marijuana lawyers and cannabis attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm shall be at the forefront of the industry following all medical marijuana regulations and its evolution in the State of Florida.

While Florida has just adopted the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014, and recently adopted Florida Amendment 2 on November 8, 2016, all standards have not been fully developed. However, our medical marijuana lawyers can use the other States such as Colorado and Washington as a road map to analyze and anticipate what could become standard in Florida for the medical cannabis business.

Medical Marijuana Business Planning

The medical marijuana business is complicated based on the new passage of the law and some of the unknown that exists. Many businesses fail for not taking the correct steps when choosing their business entity and tax election and the same applies to the medical marijuana business. You need a business lawyer that can guide you each step of the way to gear up for the upcoming opportunities in the medical marijuana industry.

The medical cannabis business will have different compliance issues that will require the guidance of an experienced medical marijuana lawyer. The medical marijuana business comes with the same ground rules as any other business and like any other business you will need to set up a business entity.

The two most common choices of a business entity for the medical marijuana company will be a corporation or limited liability company. Depending on your situation one entity may make more sense than the other. Additionally, the medical marijuana business principal will need to consider the tax consequences of the marijuana business entity as to how the entity wishes to be taxed.

Again, depending on specific situations you can elect to be taxed as an S-Corporation or LLC or partnership. Each of these tax elections comes with benefits, restrictions, limitations, and drawbacks. It is important to discuss these matters with an experienced business lawyer or certified public accountant. It is important to note that even if you elect to incorporate a limited liability company you can still elect S-corporation tax status.

After you have your chosen entity for your medical marijuana business, if you have "partners" you will need to have important documents and contracts drawn up by medical cannabis business lawyers to provide for the ownership rights. In the case of a corporation you would want to have a shareholders agreement and in the case of a limited liability company, you will need an operating agreement. These mentioned agreements spell out the rights of the owners, how the company shall function, the percentages of ownership, and other important requirements.

Medical Marijuana Business Licensing

The next step in the process will be making sure your company receives the proper business licenses from the State of Florida. Much like a general contractor, a bar, real estate broker - they all require business licenses. There are special rules associated with obtaining business licenses specific to the industry. Over the next several weeks the State of Florida will be releasing information on how to obtain licenses and the certain process required. This law firm stays up to do date on all information concerning the Florida medical marijuana business.

Beginning Your Medical Marijuana Business

If you wish to speak to one of our medical marijuana lawyers about your particular issue please call us at 772-933-5289 and/or use the contact form. Our medical cannabis business lawyers look forward to serving you and providing legal insight for peace of mind. Our marijuana business lawyers have offices in Stuart, West Palm Beach, Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, Florida.

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IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: It is still a federal crime to grow, sell and/or use marijuana. Any content on this website is not intended to provide legal advice to assist with violation of any law and/or compliance with any federal laws. While Florida Senate Bill 1030, known as "The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014" and Amendment 2 currently passed on November 8, 2016, provides for the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida, one should always consult with an attorney licensed in the State of Florida to obtain legal advice from a medical marijuana lawyer with regard to compliance issues.

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