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Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida

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Yesterday, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, it was clear that Amendment 2 for legalizing medical marijuana would pass in Florida well above the required 60 percent threshold required for a Constitutional Amendment in the State of Florida. As most Floridians remember, a similar amendment failed two years ago. However, now the headlines read "Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida". In conjunction with the Florida Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act this amendment will now allow Florida Constitutional protection to patients requiring care treatable by the use of cannabis also known as marijuana. Furthermore, this Amendment would now allow for doctors and other State-licensed persons to offer services to those patients needing medical marijuana prescriptions. This will go to help patients suffering from a wide array of medical conditions as long as their doctor recommends such treatment. Florida becomes the 26th state to either legalize medical marijuana or legalize recreational use (which is currently not allowed in the State of Florida).

What do I do if I want to start a Medical Marijuana Business?

The passing of Amendment 2 to the Florida Constitution (i.e. legalizing medical marijuana) now brings several questions to be answered. The medical marijuana business lawyers here at Katz & Associates Law Firm have been receiving an exorbitant amount of emails and phone calls across the State and the Country asking how to get involved in the new uncharted medical marijuana business in the State of Florida. First, it is important to note that the Florida Department of Health will have until July 2017 to enact laws and regulations as it relates to the process under Amendment 2. The laws and regulations will reveal the medical marijuana guidelines in Florida, which will apply to marijuana and cannabis growers, dispensaries (pharmacies or stores that sell medical marijuana products), manufacturers, etc.

Lawyers who can guide you through the Medical Marijuana Process

As the law and rules surrounding the medical marijuana business industry in Florida unfold, Katz & Associates Law Firm will guide you and/or your companies throughout the entire process of obtaining licensure among other compliance requirements. If you are concerned that you have missed the boat, such is nothing more from the truth. The laws and regulations surrounding Amendment 2 still have to be drafted and approved by The Florida Department of Health. As soon, as these rules and laws are formalized and approved we will inform you of such (which comes with a July 2017 deadline]). Furthermore, the entities and persons wishing to get into the medical marijuana business (either as a grower, dispensary, caregiver, health provider, or otherwise) will need to wait until about October of 2017 to start registering to enter the medical marijuana business.

If you need a medical marijuana business lawyer who is familiar with Amendment 2 and the requirements to become one of the registered entities throughout the State, a doctor looking to get the proper credentials to prescribe medical cannabis as allowed by the law, or a patient looking to find a doctor allowed to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida, please contact our Stuart, Florida or West Palm Beach, Florida offices by visiting Katz & Associates Law Firm Treasure Coast website or contact our Stuart, West PalmBeach, Miami, Sunrise, or Fort Lauderdale, Florida offices by visiting Katz & Associates Medical Marijuana Lawyers in Florida for legal guidance.

If you are looking for medical marijuana lawyer in Florida, Katz & Associates Law Firm looks forward to serving you with your medical marijuana business needs.

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