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Our Florida Medicaid planning attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys in Stuart Florida, Port St. Lucie, and Palm Beach are here to help you and your family with planning for long-term care. Our offices are located in the Treasure Coast, Stuart, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida. As you probably know, planning for Long term care describes the help needed by people who have problems living independently due to severe disabilities and/or chronic medical problems. This is very serious and needs to be dealt with for you and/or your loved ones. Most long-term care is provided by family members and friends due to the exorbitant costs that present themselves. This can take significant tolls on families and the specific caregivers. If you complete a proper Medicaid plan, this can ultimately relieve much stress later. It is important to note, costs vary according to the amount of time and the type of provider used for long-term care.

What exactly is Medicaid Planning?

As previously discussed above, the costs associated with long-term care costs can be exorbitant. Leaving Medicaid planning to the very last minute can present many issues including having to bear unnecessary large costs. Costs that will surprise you. Costs that will deplete your assets. Medicaid planning is the process of legally and ethically moving unprotected assets to protected assets to qualify a loved one or yourself for Medicaid benefits. The Medicaid benefits will offset the exorbitant fees that come with long-term care. Our Elder law attorneys will review and create proper long-term care goals which should include Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning services.

Our Medicaid Planning Lawyers & Elder Law Attorneys will help you

At Katz & Associates Law Firm, our Medicaid planning lawyers and elder law attorney will reveal all Medicaid planning options with a full analysis to create the most suitable long-term plan for you. Our clients generally leave with "legal insight for peace of mind"" after sitting with you about the available Medicaid planning strategies.

Laws regarding Medicaid have changed in recent years. These changes have resulted in complex eligibility requirements for those in need of Medicaid benefits. The process to fill out a successful application for Medicaid benefits is not an easy task. One must pay close attention to look-back periods, income caps, transfer penalties and waiting periods need to be examined and discussed. Our law firm and its elder law attorneys and Medicaid planning lawyers have the experience to help avoid the financial pitfalls associated with the high cost of long-term care.

Should you hire our Law Firm you will benefit from the experienced guidance of our Medicaid planning and elder law attorneys. You will work directly with our Mteam to create legal insights for peace of mind. Let us help you navigate through the long-term care process and Medicaid application process. The Medicaid planning attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm offer high-quality representation to their Medicaid planning clients. Our Medicaid planning lawyers offer assistance in several different Medicaid planning matters, including:

Asset Preservation & Legacy Planning

The Medicaid planning attorneys and elder law attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm will help with all aspects of attempting to keep as many assets you have accumulated during your life. There are methods and strategies existing such as Miller Trusts, other Trusts to qualify for Medicaid if your income is above the threshold. Additionally, Lady Bird Deeds could be drafted to protect real estate properties from losing said property to the Medicaid program. Hence there is required planning to make sure all other instruments protect you and your family and get a successful long-term plan. The review and options revealed at a meeting with one of our Medicaid planning lawyers and elder law attorneys will shed light to help to legally avoid paying what could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Your goals should be to have you and/or your loved one's care paid for by Medicaid instead of depleting your estate. However, Medicaid reimbursement is not enough to fully cover your long-term care. Consequently, while our office will help you with the Medicaid planning and application process, there exist other strategies to further offest costs and protect your heirs. Thus, contact one of our Medicaid planning attorneys now for a no-obligation consultation. Hence, you spent your life working hard to acquire your wealth. Therefore, we also sure you would like to have the ability to leave such wealth to your heirs.

Our Medicaid lawyers are located in Stuart, Florida, Vero Beach, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida. You contact our Florida based Medicaid attorneys now at our Stuart, Florida office at 772-933-5289 or

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