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Being in an auto accident can be a confusing time however, you can rest assured that in every case, our Florida based personal injury lawyers in Stuart Fl, Port Saint Lucie, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach Florida will provide quality service and personal attention to our clients. Regardless of whether a family member has been injured in an auto accident, or you've been harmed in a car accident, our treasure coast personal injury attorneys and staff will keep you informed at all times. We pride ourselves on customer service so you will know the status of your case.

In personal injury or wrongful death cases, you can rest assured that we are working hard to ensure you are adequately compensated. We are now offering remote legal services to guide you through these matters for your convenience.

All of our personal injury cases are handled on a contingent-fee basis which means that if we do not get you money in a settlement or at trial, there will be no fees owed by you.

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I Was In An Auto Accident And Have A Personal Injury, What Should I Do?

If you have been in an auto accident and are in need of guidance call us now before doing anything else! We will instruct you to follow the list below to help protect your best interests if you have been involved in an auto accident.

1. ONLY TALK TO YOUR LAWYER: Do not talk to anyone about your accident except your auto accident lawyer or his/her investigators. Always ask for identification to verify who you're talking to. You should not talk to your own insurance company or lawyers hired by your insurance company without notifying your auto accident lawyer so that your auto accident attorney can decide if they should be present. Generally, your auto accident lawyer will have these statements taken at their office.

2. YOUR DOCTOR: You should see each of your doctors as often as necessary being sure to tell them about all of your complaints. Be sure to tell your doctor about all your ailments, no matter how small, so that they can best know how to treat you. If you see any additional doctors, be sure to advise your auto accident attorney immediately of their names and addresses.

3. RECORD OF COMPLAINTS: Keep a daily or at least a weekly record of your complaints and progress. This will allow you to be able to vividly recall your pain and difficulties later.

4. WAGES AND EARNINGS LOST: Keep an accurate record of the number of days you miss from work due to your injuries.

5. MEDICAL BILLS: Please obtain and keep duplicate copies of all medical, hospital, and drug bills. Periodically you should send these bills to your auto accident lawyer for your file. Additionally, keep a record of any extra expenses you may have such as hiring help to do things you could do yourself prior to your injury. You should pay any such bills by check and keep your receipts. Also, you should keep up with the costs incurred in going to your doctor.

6. CAR REPAIR: Do not have your vehicle repaired until after you have obtained pictures of the damage. Once you have taken the pictures go ahead and have your collision insurance carrier repair your vehicle. Make sure to send all pictures to your auto accident lawyer.

7. TRAFFIC OFFENSES: Never plead guilty to any traffic offenses without consulting a lawyer first and should you be arrested due to this accident, call a lawyer immediately so that someone can either represent you or advise you. In the event of a coroner's inquest or any other type of hearing, be sure to notify your lawyer so that someone can represent you.

8. WITNESSES: Please provide your auto accident lawyer immediately with the correct names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses you have knowledge of.

9. SAVE YOUR CAST: If your injury requires a cast, brace, traction or other appliance, please save it for evidence and trial. Notify your auto accident lawyer that you are keeping these items and bring them with you when the case is set for hearing.

10. PHOTOGRAPHS: You should send your auto accident lawyer the negatives and prints of any photos taken by you or your friends pertaining to this case. If you are required to be in the hospital and receive any type of treatment, such as traction or physical therapy, please notify your auto accident lawyer so that your auto accident lawyer can have an investigator take pictures of you.

11. HOSPITAL AND DOCTOR BILLS: If you have hospitalization insurance please have it pay any bills not paid by your automobile insurance carrier. Doctors and hospitals are more cooperative when their bills are paid. You cannot expect them to wait until your case is tried and settled to receive payment. You should, therefore, pay any balance as soon as possible.

12. QUESTIONS: Most auto accident lawyers will contact you when they have something definite to report. Your auto accident lawyer generally will also be contacting you for depositions, answers to interrogatories if and when your case goes to trial. If you have any specific questions in regard to these instructions or any other matters relating to your case, do not hesitate to call or write us.

13. YOUR ADDRESS: Please advise your auto accident law firm of any change to your address or telephone number.

14. HEALTH INSURANCE: If you have health insurance we recommend that you use it. Your health insurance will pay the providing physician according to its contract with that doctor. Therefore, the lien against your settlement would be lower if it's asserted by your health insurance than it would be if we a doctor is given a letter of protection or you agree to pay out of your pocket.

15. MEDICAL BILLS: Any medical bills which are outstanding at the end of your case, whether by settlement or trial, are your responsibility. However, your auto accident attorney will generally do what they can to negotiate your medical bills down to the lowest dollar amount, yet they still remain your responsibility. If you have any further questions about this issue please discuss it with your auto accident attorney prior to settlement or trial of your case.

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