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Estate Planning Attorneys - Katz & Associates

Our estate planning attorneys are dedicated to helping families, individuals and businesses in Florida. With lawyers are located in the Treasure Coast, Stuart, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida as well as our firm now offering Remote Legal Services, we are ready to asist you in any manner in which you choose. Should you hire our Law Firm you will benefit from the guidance of our experienced estate planning attorneys by working closely with our experienced lawyers to create legal insights for your peace of mind. Estate planning attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm always offer high-quality representation to their clients.

Are you planning your estate or needing an update?

Whether you have created your estate plan or need an estate plan formulated, our team of experienced lawyers can assist you. It is important to note that even if you have an estate plan in place it is wise to have it reviewed every couple of years. Laws can change, your goals can change, or your relationships can possibly change. Changing laws can most likely affect your estate plan. Therefore, having an attorney review your estate plan is very important to ensure your wishes are executed precisely the way you wish for them to be. For example, the Secured Act was signed into law on December 20, 2019. For clarification, The Secured Act is formally known as "The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019". The Secured Act will require a review of your current estate plan.

Why do you need an Estate Plan?

Estate Planning is the method for the transfer of a person or couple's estate at the time of death. As you probably know, an estate consists of all property and assets owned at death before it is distributed by a will, trust, and/or intestacy laws. Intestacy laws take over if the estate has no will or trust in place. Estate planning allows a person to decide who will benefit from his or her estate. Proper estate planning can also reduce the tax liability imposed on the transfer of assets at death.

An experienced estate planning lawyer can help minimize tax liability. Additionally, an estate planning attorney can help reduce the costs of administering your Will, Trust and/or Probate. Also, estate planning attorneys can make sure management and distribution of the estate is carried out according to your wishes. Furthermore, a proper estate plan will make life easier for your family when the time comes. It can be extremely difficult for your family and loved ones having to sort out matters because of a lack of estate planning, while having to grieve and bereave at the same time.

What our Estate Planning Lawyers can do for you:

Drafting Wills

The estate planning attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm will help with all aspects of drafting the proper Last Will and Testament covering your wishes. While we highly advise using Trusts to avoid probate, you still need a Will. If you have any assets, to proctect them and your family you should have a Will.

Drafting Trusts

The estate planning attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm will diligently work with you so your assets and wishes are tailored in your specific Trust. We can draft your trust to cover your house, bank accounts, investments and business interests so they may pass outside of Probate. Probate requires filing a lawsuit with the Courts and can take more time, cause stress, and money. A Trust can avoid these pitfalls. Follow this link to read more about concerning any questions about what exactly is a will and what can it do for me?

Drafting Living Wills

Our estate planning lawyers will tailor your Living Will so that your health care surrogates will speak for you to doctors and hospitals. Hence, a living will honoring your specific wishes. A living will is a document explaining whether or not you want to be kept on life support. A Living Will also details your preferences for tube feeding, artificial hydration, and pain medication in specific situations.

It is important to note, a Living Will only becomes effective if you cannot communicate your health treatement wishes on your own. In the event you are unable to communicate your treatment preferences and do not have a living will, doctors and/or hospitals will most likely decide for you.

Administration of Probate & Trusts

As part of our services, our estate planning attorneys at Katz & Associates Law Firm will assist you and your family through the probate process. Specifically, our estate planning lawyers will attempt to make the process as stress free as possible. We also assist clients by acting as Trustees, whereby we administer the Trusts when required. Our services also include Trust protection and Trustee representation.

Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation

Our estate planning attorneys and their team will review your financial information and help you put together a wealth preservation plan. Consequently, this review and plan will include asset protection. You have worked hard to accumulate your assets. Let us help you keep them!

Why choose our Estate Planning Attorneys?

You should sit down with our estate planning attorney for a consultation regarding your estate planning needs. Our Law Firm has been very successful at reaching solutions for our clients. While everyone's situation is different, we will attempt to achieve the best possible result for you and your family. After sitting down with our estate planning lawyer you should have a clear vision and peace of mind.

We are conveniently located in Stuart, Florida, Vero Beach, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida. Our estate planning lawyers are ready to serve you for your legal needs either in person or via our online remote services.

Contact our Stuart Florida estate lawyers and estate attorneys at our Stuart, Florida office serving Stuart, Florida at 772-933-5289.

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