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One should always consider settling debt with creditors first before filing bankruptcy. Depending on your specific situation there are ways to settle your debt sometimes pennies on the dollar for certain debts you have incurred. Whether it is medical bills, credit card debt or other debts, the Attorneys at Katz & Associates, located in Stuart, Florida and Palm Beach, Florida may be able to settle debts with your creditors sometimes as low as 5% to 25%. Of course, everyone's financial situation is different and many factors play a role in what a creditor might be willing to take. However, Creditors are generally willing to work with you if handled by a knowledgeable lawyer. It is also important to attempt to settle debts before a creditor files a law suit against you. Once a creditor files a law suit against you the debt immediately climbs due to legal fees and court costs, making the debt higher.

How Do I Clean Up My Debt?

If you are receiving countless phone calls and/or letters from creditors we can help by advising those creditors to deal directly with Katz & Associates' Debt Settlement Lawyers. There are federal law protections afforded you as a consumer against harassment from creditors. Additionally, it is important to note, that if you have been served with a lawsuit by a creditor and/or collection company you should seek counsel immediately so the attorney can response to the law suit against you. If you have been served with a collections lawsuit you have only 20 days to answer the complaint against you or the creditor can get an automatic judgment against you.

The Lawyers at Katz & Associates Law Firm believe in second chances. If you wish to schedule a consultation with us to discuss settling your debts and/or if you need defense against creditors please contact us.

Take Action On Debt Settlement and Clean Up Your Credit Now

Many times there are other choices that exist prior to filing bankruptcy such as debt settlement, debt negotiation and work-outs. However, if you are considering filing for Bankruptcy please consult with a bankruptcy attorney first as Katz & Associates does not presently handle Bankruptcy clients. If you wish, Katz & Associates can help provide you with a list of bankruptcy attorneys in your area.

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